Hipster Fashion Trends That Can Be Included In Your Wardrobe


The ‘Hipster’ sub-culture has taken on a whole new avatar and now has its own discernable fashion. Whether you agree with the fundamentals of the sub-culture or not, you cannot deny that the average hipster wardrobe is very stylish. Well, it does have many elements that are stylish and when worn correctly – very chic. Today we look at a few Hipster fashion trends that you can include as part of your wardrobe and give it a totally dramatic make-over.

Flannel – Flannel has now become synonymous with hipsters and when worn correctly, lends the wearer and incredibly stylish air. Flannel is a kind of soft woven fabric, typically made of wool or cotton and slightly milled and raised and not the red and black checked pattern. While many of us have this misconception that an oversized man’s flannel shirt, which is a tad bit too big in the shoulders and long in the arms is how you wear flannel. However, the key to looking your best is to choose a more fitted cut, unbuttoned at the top to keep things casual and sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm or elbow.

Baggy & Beautiful – While we won’t ever turn our faces away from a well-fitting item of clothing, we certainly don’t hate the trend of baggy clothes. When it comes to baggy, the hipster closet definitely has a pair or two of ripped jeans. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the pair is not causing you to look too baggy. You can do this by pairing the pants with a well fitting shirt or t-shirt. Apart from ripped jeans, you could also go for a mildly oversized jacket or you could even Buy Men’s Hoodies Online that are just the right amount of baggy. As long as you aren’t donning too many baggy items of clothing at the same time, you should be good to go.


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