What Would Women Like To See You Wear?


Being well-dressed gives you the confidence to go forth and let your personality dazzle those around you. Being well-dressed also gives the ladies a little more impetus to be around you or show you a little interest. Some men can be rather clueless or careless about their wardrobes and yes, women do notice when you’re slacking off. While nobody expects you to look like you’ve just stepped off a runway, the chances of you having your clothes ripped off are stronger if you are wearing the kind of clothes women prefer you to. Here’s the down low on what the ladies want.

Jeans that fit – We can legitimately never stress the whole ‘clothes-ought-to-fit-well’ mantra enough. With the absolute blessing that online shopping has proved to be, we hoped to see more and more men would start dressing in better fitting clothes. There is nothing that looks sexier or any more classic than a man wearing well-fitted jeans with a simple t-shirt and his natural charisma. Women are simple beings (contrary to popular belief) and want you to look presentable, put-together and not like you’re trying to hard or worse, not trying at all. Buy yourself a nice pair of jeans that fit you well and enhance the right parts of your lower half.

Boxers – Women are not all ‘tuxedos’ and ‘three-piece suits’. As much as most women enjoy a sophisticated and elegant evening, they do enjoy the more simple and casual aspects of life too. In a survey conducted by Men’s Health Online, 42% of women confessed to loving their men sporting fun, printed or even quirky boxers in bed. What are you waiting for? You’ll find a large collection of Boxers for men Online Shopping where you can pick from hundreds of styles. Men’s boxers online range from the demure solid colored ones to the more funky and naughty printed ones. Pick the kind that you like or rather the kind your lady would like to see you in. You can thank us later.

Shirt Up! – Women certainly love men with well-fitting jeans, but the ‘well-fitting’ fetish doesn’t end there. There is something irresistible about a man wearing a well-fitting shirt that highlights the best of his upper body. Finding Men’s Cotton Shirts Online at Best Prices in India is no difficult task. However, finding one that fits well is the challenge. Make sure you have your measurements handy and look at size guides when you are picking your size. Be it Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts, Men’s Plain Cotton Shirts, Men’s Poplin printed shirts or even Men’s Slim Fit Shirts, pick whatever style you like – as long as it fits well and sits well on you, you’re good to go. Make sure the shirt is well-ironed and doesn’t have any stains (elementary!) and if you’re thinking of turning more ladies on, don’t hesitate to roll the sleeves till your elbows.

Hoodies – Warm, snuggly, cozy and casual are all words that describe the mighty hoodie appropriately. A winter staple that has a bad reputation for being associated with sloth and general laziness, the hoodie is just misunderstood. Paired with a nice pair of jeans, sensible shoes and maybe sunglasses if it’s sunny, the hoodie is your answer to the ever pressing question of casual yet cool dressing. The fact that women love ‘boyfriend shirts’ is no secret, but did you know that quite a few women won’t say no to the snuggly warmth of your favorite hoodie? That’s more than enough reason to Buy Men Hoodies Online right now!

Something out of the ordinary – Most men tend to wear only about twenty to thirty percent of what’s in their wardrobes. For people who observe you on a daily basis, it takes no more than a few weeks to see a pattern creep in. Women, who are just more perceptive, will spot your wardrobe and dressing patterns in an even shorter period of time. Well, nobody is asking you to splurge and buy even more pieces of clothing than what you already have – honestly, isn’t your wardrobe practically overflowing? Well, think of venturing into the ‘unworn’ section of your wardrobe every once in a while to give it a little fun spin. Break out that whackily printed shirt and wear it for the next house party. Give those cargo shorts a go in the summer. Just let the other clothes breathe a little and let the ladies see you in a new light.

Now that you know what women really do like, go ahead and tweak your dressing style a little. Remember that when it comes to style and wearing clothes, you always should be ready to experiment and keep up with what’s trending without losing your individual flavor.

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