Join The Mile High Club In Style: The Comprehensive Guide To Men’s Airport Fashion

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Whether it is a tame domestic flight or a more challenging International one with many stops, airports are a crazy place to be in. With having to run around just to make it in time to board or having to be extra careful of your documents and luggage, it is often observed that men give preference to comfort over fashion (or just dressing nice) while travelling by air. However, it is possible to have the best of both world and look extremely stylish without having to sacrifice comfort. We’ve compiled a list of outfit choices that hit all the right spots and that’ll make you look like a million bucks even when you’ve spent a better part of yesterday in transit.

Jeans/Chinos – When you’re looking at wearing something that’s big on style but also on comfort, your best bet is to pick a pair of jeans or chinos. Jeans happen to be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing and the fact that you can pair your favorite jeans with almost anything is just an added bonus. Chinos are more suitable for summer temperatures and again are very versatile. The next time you’re shopping for men’s wear online, be sure to pick a pair of chinos to pair with your favorite black t-shirt.

Jacket – Often it so happens that the weather of the place you started from is way less intense than that of your destination. Some other times you’ll feel chilly in the flight or maybe while you’re waiting to get onboard. In all of these scenarios you’ll feel like the luckiest man alive if you have the luxury of a jacket. Not only is a classy leather jacket amazing to pair with almost anything, it is also very practical and can transform the comfort level of your trip. Buy men’s jackets online and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll find all kinds of different styles right from Men’s printed jackets, Men’s hoodies online or even men’s sweatshirts online.

Cargo Pants – Not only do they look stylishly casual, but they are also incredibly comfortable and practical. Cargo pants pair the comfort of jeans and the storage capacity of a small bag and that is why according to us they are the perfect pants for travelling. Wear them with a plain or striped t-shirt and heavy boots and you’re absolutely good to go. You can buy cargo pants for men online from websites like London Bee at amazing prices!

Shirts – When you’re looking for something that is not too casual but not strictly formal either, you could always go the ‘shirt way.’ Button down shirts are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything right from jeans to trousers. Pair your shirt with a pair of ripped jeans when you’re channeling your inner ‘bad boy’ with a touch of formality. When you’re looking at making heads turn without breaking a sweat, pair a plain white t-shirt with dark chinos and a printed shirt worn as a jacket. You can pick from Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts, Men’s Printed cotton shirts, Men’s Stripe Cotton Shirts and even Men’s Poplin printed shirts.

Polo Shirts – Another variation of the humble t-shirt could be a nice, ironed and sober colored polo shirt. Not only do polo shirts give out a very preppy and sporty vibe, but they also make you look well put together. You can pair your polo shirt with a pair of cargo pants, jeans, chinos and if you absolutely must wear shorts, then go for a flat fronted pair. Avoid wearing polo shirts that have too much going on or are in colors that tend to draw the eye.

Scarf – If you thought that scarves were reserved for women, you’re sadly mistaken. Not only are scarves very practical to sport during air travel, but they are also very amazing accessories. You can pair a scarf with your t-shirt and jeans combo and give the jacket a miss if you’re not heading somewhere cold. However, if your destination is bound to be chilly, throw in a jacket in the mix and what you’ve got is a very foolproof outfit that’s bound to make jaws drop wherever you go.

While travelling in itself can be a very tiring and challenging activity, the way you dress goes a long way in determining how enjoyable your journey is. While you should definitely be dressing comfortable, don’t miss a chance to pick and sport outfits that let your personality shine through. While we have provided you with a guide of sorts, feel free to mix it up a little and give yourself a little room to experiment.


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