Break out! Ways to spice up your wardrobe

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Men’s fashion has not always made provisions to include lots of opportunities to customize, accessorize or personalize. We have come to believe that there is not a lot of choice to men’s clothing and that is an incredibly sad phenomenon. Men’s fashion is an unexplored frontier and gone are the days when you had no scope for any experimentation with your dressing. Today, you are respected, recognized and appreciated for breaking stereotypes and making things your own – fashion included.

If you’re looking at breaking out of the dressing rut you’re stuck in – we’ve compiled a list of all the things you can do to add some life and a lot of spark to your dressing.


You heard us right! Suspenders are no longer confined to old British television. Add a pair of suspenders to your dress shirt & trousers combination and you’ll go from dull and boring to quirky and fashionable. Some people worry that suspenders feel too costume-y, but they’re just an accessory like any other. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go a step further and opt for a patterned or textured pair instead of a solid color.

Chain Collar/Collar Tips

Chain Collars are the tie bars of the casual cool. While most men shy away from adding a little bling to their outfit, it is possible to incorporate just the right amount of sheen to your outfit with a collar tip. It keeps things in place while still adding a little flair. Chain collars really go well with anything right from men’s printed cotton shirts to the more conservative kind of shirts.


What’s that now!? Colorful shoelaces ya’ll! If you don’t really want to splurge on new clothes or accessories and yet you want just the teeniest amount of freshness to your wardrobe, this is your answer. Shoelaces in offbeat colors like purple, green and orange are great to add a little personality without being too obvious or burning a hole in your wallet. You can thank us later. Buy yourself a nice pair of men’s cargo shorts online and pair it with a pair of shoes complimented with colored laces – it’s bound to get you the right kind of attention!

Pocket Squares

These are probably one the most overlooked men’s accessories in the history of time. Adding a pocket square to your outfit is a great way to spice up your style to the degree of your choice & comfort. It can be a nonchalant addition or it can make a statement: totally up to you. The only rule of thumb: it should complement your tie and shirt, not match them.


Let 2016 be the year you let go of boring socks. Though it might be tempting to buy your socks in colors like industrial grey and listless black and in bulk, wearing bright socks is one of the simplest ways to kick it into high gear. Unless you’re going into a very formal setting, your socks don’t need to match.

Colored Pants for Men

mfplb0009_1_largeNo, not the neon green kind. While there is nothing wrong with a classic pair of black, grey, brown or blue pants, they tend to make you blend. However, if you’re looking to throw in a bit of drama, why not try a nice pair of colored pants. A simple deviation from your standard blue and black is a quick fix to wake up any ensemble. Pastels are best suited for summer, but maybe beginners would be more comfortable starting with a forest or maroon green pair. If you’re looking to put out, go with a nice print cargo pants for men.


Probably the simplest way to make a difference to your look is to add layers. Be it a lovely scarf, a fitted cardigan or a simple statement jacket – it all works! Layers are extremely practical especially in colder months, but they also give you the opportunity to customize your look throughout the day. When it comes to scarves, feel free to experiment with different ways of wearing one. You’d be shocked to learn that there are more than just four ways to tie a scarf and that each method looks dramatically different.

All in all, remember to allow yourself to be quirky and open to experimentation with your clothes. As long as you’re following the cardinal rules of fashion, you will not only find ways to channel your inner personal style, but also be a trendsetter. Go out and go crazy!

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